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100pcs Solder Seal Wire Connectors, kebelo Waterproof Heat Shrink Butt Connector

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  • 1-STEP SOLDER & SEAL: Create permanent, flexible, and water-resistant connections in seconds. These heat shrink butt connectors come with a low-temperature solder, shrinkable tubing, and hot melt adhesive. Just use a heat gun on the solder sleeves and save yourself hours of tedious work.
  • NO WIRE DAMAGE: Unlike other solder heat shrink butt connectors that require high temperatures to melt, ours have solder that needs a low min. melting temperature of 280F, and heat shrink that requires a minimum of just 176F. This means you use less heat and end up with no wire damage.
  • COLOR CODED VARIETY: Whatever the wiring job, this kit includes a solder seal wire connector to match. Our 100-pack includes 30 blue (AWG: 16-14), 35 red (AWG: 22-18), 25 white (AWG: 26-24), and 10 yellow (AWG: 12-10) solder connectors with a transparent sleeve for precise inspection.
  • DURABLE WATERPROOF SEAL: Looking for butt splice wire connectors for automotive or marine applications? These solder shrink connectors are up to the task. The hot melt adhesive bonds the shrinkable tubing to the wire’s insulation to create a watertight seal with minimal effort.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We’ve got your back with a 100% money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with your electrical butt connector kit? Reach out to us for a full refund or replacement. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to start connecting wires with enhanced ease completely risk-free!


Soldering Made Simple

Put away that time-consuming soldering kit and experience the convenience of Kebelo heat shrink wire connectors. Whether 
you’re working under a car’s hood, wiring up a boat, or repairing electronics, these solder sleeves save you hours of work. Just 
prepare the wires, position the heat shrink connectors over the stripped section, and use your heat gun at its lowest setting. In a 
matter of seconds, the low-temperature solder goes through the wires to create a solid connection, the polyolefin tubing shrinks, 
and the hot melt adhesive bonds to your wire’s insulation. The result? A permanent, flexible, and water-resistant connection you’ll 
never have to worry about.

Experience the Difference

Not all heat shrink solder sleeves are created equal. It takes the right combination of high-quality materials to create heat shrink 
connectors that make a proper seal and solder without any wire damage. We’ve proudly mastered that combination. So unlike 
others that require high wire-damaging temperatures to get the job done, ours form a solid, professional-looking connection every time.

Here are more reasons you’ll love this solder sleeve kit:

- Comes in a 100-pack that includes 4 gauge sizes

- Transparent sleeves allow for precise inspection

- The connectors are color-coded for quick identification

- Ideal for creating marine and automotive projects

- No crimping is ever required; great for hard-to-reach areas

- Solder melts at a min. temp of 280F, heat shrink at 176F 
Every Pack Includes:

- 30 x blue heat shrink connectors (AWG: 16-14)

- 35 x red heat shrink connectors (AWG: 22-18)

- 25 x white heat shrink connectors (AWG: 26-24)

- 10 x yellow heat shrink connectors (AWG: 12-10)

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